SaaS Application Business Project

SaaS Matrix-Q Sound App Project


It is a SaaS Application, with 9 modules (Tools, Services, Assets, Licenses, Guided Activities, Coaching & Training Programs) that utilize sound, frequency, and vibration as enhancers of quality of life.


I provide a sound improvement of your quality of life

With a data-driven digital platform assisted by A.I. Engine and Human Specialists

We measure, predict, enhance and optimize your capacity to utilize sound, frequency, vibration, sensory awareness, body movement, positive emotions, and consciousness to improve your quality of life



We want to enhance the quality of life of 59.049 families (households) in 108 locations worldwide in 2037.

We expect that at least one family member decides to become a Human Specialist, able to provide services and products, to their family members, community, and network (workshops, training, coaching, mentorship, challenges, and games) utilizing Matrix-Q Sound knowledge, skills, methodology & technology.

We will create 59.049 new jobs, by providing capacity building to multiplicators, committed to transferring the use of the knowledge, skills, methodology, and technology to the next 9+ generations.

We expect each multiplicator to utilize our digital platform to engage the next-generation multiplicators. We have made the math. With the multiplicator's commitment, this valuable health-prevention, and quality-of-life knowledge, skills, methodology, and technology will be transferred to every household, and family, on our planet within 9+ generations


We utilize a bootstrapping system. (See road map)

The plan is to develop the SaaS Application modules MVPs Minimum Viable Products, to start the scaling process.

Today the essential products and services are already provided by the founder Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, (and by his students) Live or remotely (See Rewards). (Matrix-Q Human Specialists, coach-trainers, facilitators)

With the development of the SaaS Application, we will scale the services and products, and also create worldwide access to the tools, algorithms, and methodology, enabling more users, and more facilitators to be trained.

Each module is an independent business line. We will explore which of these modules is more successful, and market fit, to prepare a second investment round.

After this first investment, we will have a set of products and services that can be offered via the SaaS App, next to the ones provided by Luis since 1993 live outdoors and indoors, and online since 2000.

Our challenge is to select the ideal features, modules, and products, for the second investment round. Reinvest in cycles, developing the most promising and successful features of the SaaS App as faster as possible.


What can 1 or more individuals do together with sound?

  • Listen to sounds, frequencies, and vibrations
  • Have fun by playing with the visuals, and dancing with our choreography (nonverbal body language)
  • Enjoy their creativity, co-create together
  • Design sound, visual and dance experiences
  • Play music & dance to it
  • Perform for others
  • Tell stories
  • Facilitate workshops
  • Facilitate coaching and mentorship
  • Research, explore the sound and dance of ancient cultures and civilizations
  • Innovate, and develop new technology and solutions to address local, global, and social pressing issues
  • Celebrate with your community, friends, or family
  • Create and play games
  • Activate a positive mindset
  • Enable work-life balance
  • Bring your family/community together
  • Improve your memory, attention span, focus, concentration
  • Improve your brain performance, creativity, innovation
  • Integrate sound into natural self-regeneration activities
  • Create assets, and monetize them
  • Promote assets, and earn commissions
  • Play Music, create a music collection, and lease it
  • Invest in sound (innovation-driven) projects
  • Enhance learning skills
  • Integrate Sound to Prevention activities: quality of life, work-life balance, personal growth, family quality time
  • Utilize sound for holistic circular design and innovation
  • Enhance holistic thinking
  • Enhance actionable holistic communication
  • Facilitate non violence, and consent
  • Utilize sound for the development and communication with a new form of Artificial Intelligence (Matrix-Q A.I.) dedicated to assisting holistic quality of life enhancement
  • Do diagnosis and prescription of preventive quality of life and work-life balance activities

and much more.

Humanity enjoys and uses sound, frequency, and vibration in so many ways. So it is our online community. We are prepared to provide (Modules, SaaS) the diversity of uses of sound, and to build a community of users, facilitators, and creators around them.

While our digital platform will provide the technology to create visual, auditive, and actionable assets to enhance the quality of life, health prevention, and activation of a positive mindset. It is our community of sound co-creators, dancers, influencers, workshops facilitators, performers, game creators, coaches, and mentors that create the real value and positive impulse

Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship

with Matrix-Q A.I.


Matrix-Q Sound Studio Knowledge, Skills, Methodology & Technology

Developed at the Matrix-Q Research Institute, Innovative technology & methodology, utilize knowledge of ancient cultures and civilizations, modern science and technology.

Innovative algorithmic methodology to assess human performance, capacity, and skills, and prescribe activities in which sound, positive emotions, human consciousness, and sensory awareness, create together a quality of life improvement

The methodology serves us to tailor-made to the individual, and to scale services, assisted by Matrix-Q A.I. and Human Specialists

The Matrix-Q A.I. has been designed to analyze holistic data, and utilize Matrix-Q Algorithms, to generate the suggestions for ideal activities, frequency, and intensity necessary for each individual, matching their DNA (Therapeutical DIAGNOSIS AND PRESCRIPTION)

The Matrix-Q Specialist receives a complete training program and utilizes the same knowledge, combined with human competencies that can not be displaced by A.I., to add value to the service, enabling human connection, empathy, creativity, and engagement.

The innovation is multilayered: The SaaS platform, the tools, skills, and methods, combined with the holistic data generation and analysis, algorithmic prescription methodology, and the training programs for human specialists (to develop their capacity utilizing our brain gym and emotional intelligence development programs).

Human specialists are assisted by. Matrix-Q A.I. and utilize the tools provided by the SaaS application.

Innovator: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken


A multidisciplinary body of knowledge, with nature-inspired mathematics and algorithms, enables the creation of all content and innovations delivered by the SaaS platform. Developed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken since 1993


Health, joy, and family are our values

The definition of wealth for us includes the ability to enable quality of life and time for yourself, and your family and community. To have acquired the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to ensure and provide shelter, water, food, health, safety, joy, freedom of choice, and happiness to the people you love and care.

As we intend to create jobs, we also provide the marketplace, and the career path necessary for those ready to multiply the positive impulse created with the digital platform. Including the training and licenses for workshop facilitators, trainers, coaches, mentors, game creators, challenge designers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.


Our users, members, and partners join us with a membership fee, giving them access to the SaaS with 9x Modules.

We utilize a wallet system, with additional purchases inside the app

When the users want to purchase any program, asset, service, or tool training, utilize the digital currency available (Balance) in their wallet. If they need more, they top up their wallet with more cash.

All services, products, assets, licenses, and training-coaching programs are available in the marketplace

Users/members/co-creators have profile pages, in which their assets, and property is stored and represented.


Members of our community receive complete training, to contribute with their creativity, purpose, and also entrepreneurial mindset.

We utilize a data-driven holistic gamified accelerated learning methodology, tailor-made to the individual.

With this methodology and our data-driven technology, we measure, predict, enhance and optimize the capacity of our members to utilize our tools, technology, knowledge, and skills.

We give them gamified challenges and simulations to create a self-paced learning process.

The training program includes content for aspiring entrepreneurs, tools, and skills, for strategic management, communication, marketing, and sales. As well as earn-play activities, to generate a side income by playing.

With this learning system, we provide certificates for coaches, trainers, mentors, workshop facilitators, game creators, challenge facilitators, sound designers, dancers, preventive health facilitators, quality of life facilitators, work-life balance, mental health, therapeutical activities facilitators, and many more.


The Saas platform hosts an innovation lab program.

Creative mindset and skillful innovators may join to address together global, social, and local pressing issues.

We want to develop more tools, technology, methods, techniques, and digital applications that utilize sound, vibration, and frequency as core elements to create value.

With the Matrix-Q Body of knowledge and human specialists, we create human-inclusive innovations (Humans are not displaced by technology, our technology needs human competencies, and added value created by Matrix-Q Human Specialists)

The remote and at-location (Netherlands) innovation labs will test the ideas, produce prototypes, and launch MVPs

We have already innovations in progress in health, education, arts, technology, and food. We know we will develop more in the future


The Saas platform hosts an incubation program.

Innovators, supported by Matrix-Q Specialists develop the business project remotely and (if necessary) also at the location

The outcome of their entrepreneurial activity is registered. With the Matrix-Q Business Valuation tools, we create a business valuation report, to be presented to investors, partners, and collaborators.

Entrepreneurs pitch their business projects and accelerate the introduction of innovation in the market


The incubation program combined with the innovation lab created the possibility and opportunity to workshop facilitators, coaches, trainers, and sound designers, all members of our community, to develop their creative ideas and transform them into a positive impulse for the next 9+ generations.

We provide special programs for our members to cultivate, nurture and acquire the mindset, tools, knowledge, and skills, for entrepreneurship and innovation.

It is already our experience that the use of sound, vibration, and frequency, combined with consciousness, emotional intelligence, and sensory awareness, will enhance creativity.

With our algorithmic methodology for brain performance enhancement, Brain GYM, our members will have more innovative ideas and their creativity will be supported.

With our SaaS platform, we demonstrated the value of sound, frequency, and vibration for personal growth, quality of life, innovation, entrepreneurship, and society

Project Development 


Hybrid business development

The development of the 9 modules of the SaaS Application, will take place simultaneously with the development of our online services, and services provided at the location by Matrix-Q Human Specialists.


Membership, our users receive a membership subscription

The wallet system and the points they earned by completing activities, and gamified challenges, give them access to more services, products, and opportunities

The membership is one for the family or household. We provide special memberships for schools, companies, and teams, considering a collective of users with similar priorities.


We utilize:

Direct sales and marketing, addressing leads that match a specific profile;

We implement bootstrapping strategies, for example, product design, starting with simple inexpensive but effective products to generate income, and later reinvesting into upgrading those products and reaching to also increasing the level of the fees we charge

We engage affiliates, ambassadors, and content creators, market place to multiply our agents for business development


Our affiliate program, as well as certificates and licenses given to our users, create for them job opportunities, and a side income.


Our users and members create new assets, and content, that is promoted in our marketplace.

We charge a very small fee for transactions, marketing storage


Our users add to their digital profile tools, services, activities scheduled, and assets, for example, music tracks they prefer to listen to, their own creativity, information, and lessons about sound, notes, and diary of the expeditions they are following, products they want to sell at the market place.

The digital profile is included in the membership.

Fees vary depending on the volume of data generated and stored, vs the income generated by the user (if applicable, as a workshop facilitator, creator, ambassador, or affiliate) vs the rank achieved in the system


Our members can transition from user to consumer, creator to facilitator, from ambassador/affiliate to coach-trainer, and from innovator to entrepreneur.


Users receive points, rewards, vouchers, and prizes for completion of tasks, missions, projects, or participation in activities.

The motivation behind this is that a good use of their time and the content delivered in the SaaS Platform will increase their quality of life, and such achievement will be rewarded and promoted.

Users receive patches and rank accordingly.

Their investment in their own success will be rewarded.


Products & Services have been developed since 1993 by our founder.

We have delivered services of coaching, consultancy, innovation, research, workshops, sound creation, brain gym, quality of life enhancement, health prevention, leisure, challenges for start-ups, training programs for aspiring entrepreneurs, sound bathing sessions, positive mindset activation, and training, DNA assessment, and others

We have invested in the creation and testing of tools.

Our customers have been entrepreneurs, leaders, creators, and investors.

As Matrix-Q Sound Studio we want to combine all our experience, knowledge, and assets, into this new platform.


With the SaaS platform, we want to complete a digital transition and scale the services, utilizing the more successful products.

Since 2017 the Matrix-Q Research Institute has been testing products and opportunities.


The 9 modules will be developed with specific milestones, described in the image below

We predict that some modules will reach faster the market than others.

Each module will be developed as an independent business line.

Once the module has achieved full business autonomy, will be externalized as a new spin-off that does use the SaaS

Full image of the road map

Co-creating an advanced quality of life for future generations


With a small team of human specialists, we can deliver value to 1000s of users.

The platform will be profitable, with a minimum of 1 Matrix-Q Human Specialist. Today is our founder, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

By adding ambassadors, affiliates, business developers, coaches, trainers, workshops facilitators, sound designers, and co-creators to the platform (as users) we create more value together.

Increasing the number of Matrix-Q Human Specialists (with gamified training programs, module certificates, and license system) we expand our capacity to deliver more complex services, to an increasing number of users

We believe that our users will naturally do the steps to become Matrix-Q Specialists and add to their enjoyment of the platform, the motivation, and engagement to participate in the development of projects and providing services. As Matrix-Q Human Specialists have acquired the technical knowledge, and skills, to utilize the tools, methods, and services provided by the SaaS at its highest level of productivity and value.


  • We are utilizing social media campaigns, advertisements, business networks, creators networks, communities forums dedicated to sound, vibration, and frequency, and influencers to reach out to our audience
  • Funnels with automated subscription purchase
  • Webinars, introducing the platform and its benefits
  • Games online, subscriptions as prizes
  • Calls for innovators, creators, coach-trainers facilitators, dancers, sound creators, and quality-of-life facilitators.
  • We are building a community with a membership system, and ambassadors' role
  • Partnership with organizations dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in health, education, and business.


  • This crowdfunding campaign will enable the development of the cloud application, SaaS, 9 modules, MVPs Minimum Viable Products
  • The funding will be utilized to contract software developers, cloud services, design and deploy the respective branding and marketing campaigns
  • We will also recruit aspiring Matrix-Q Specialists, that will be trained and provide service through the SaaS platform assisted by Matrix-Q A.I.

This first round of funding will cover only the creation of the essential features of the SaaS platform.

We will do bootstrapping, and reinvest the profit achieved with both the digital platform and the services and products provided already since 1993 by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken and his students.

A second investment round will be planned, to upgrade features and complete the platform, only after we have tested and optimized the MVP's minimum viable products that can be monetized effectively

REWARDS for Backers delivered in 2023, 2024, 2025

The Rewards offered in QuickStarter (perks) can be delivered already by Luis, remotely or in the Netherlands.

Backers may choose if they prefer to receive the product/service after the SaaS Application Matrix-Q Sound App has been deployed or before.

Luis will be providing services remotely and in the Netherlands from October 2023

The SaaS application will be ready in stages, and we consider some features will be ready in 2024 June, and October. More complex features and Matrix-Q A.I. in 2025 October 2026 October (A.I. needs to be engaged in a learning process, next to holistic data generation necessary to educate A.I.)


You are creating a change in our global culture, into a preventive mindset, facilitating tools, skills, and resources to households, families, and youth worldwide.

We will reach out to schools, hospitals, community centers, retirement homes, universities, companies and communities in 108 locations worldwide

Risks & Opportunities

PURPOSE: We are living in a time in which purpose-driven entrepreneurs can change the world and create a positive impulse for the next 9+ generations. The challenges are many, for example, the shift of priorities, and interests by governments, markets, and industries. We find ourselves today in a global transition in energy, food, water, transportation, and economy; we are also challenged with refugees and peace. In this context make sense to invest in a new approach to enhance individual quality of life, by providing resources that are reachable from the smartphone. Making quality of life accessible globally.

ACCELERATED GAMIFIED HOLISTIC LEARNING: Our learning methodology provides a successful learning process to those able to commit to rhythm, time management, and completion of milestones. The human factor is a risk. If we would like to build capacity in more Matrix-Q Human Specialists, they need to be engaged, self-motivated, and achieving. We will certainly support them with coaching, mentorship, inspiration, and training. we consider our gamified approach would make it more fun for them, and provide faster results.

KNOWLEDGE COMPLEXITY: We utilize complex multidisciplinary knowledge. (The study of sound, vibration, frequency, sensory human awareness, consciousness, body movements, positive emotions, learning, behavior, personal growth, mathematics, algorithms, tones, brain performance, and quality of life enhancement) As of today (experience accumulated since 1993/1987) the intent is to provide ready-to-use products, services, tools, and quick skills development, in such a way that is fun, with quick outcomes, and a process easily managed by experienced, apprentices and beginners. We know many more questions will arise about the core body of knowledge. We are glad to answer them in the Matrix-Q Specialists program. Due to its complexity, we prefer to facilitate skills and capacity to use and learn the knowledge, that information about it. In other words, how to create and thrive with it, then just information about it. The Matrix-Q Knowledge is also not conceptual, information is not enough for its application or use. It is necessary to develop the skill to apply.

CO-CREATIVITY We live in an era of individualism. Co-creation means engaging together in communication, listening to each other, giving space to inspiration and creativity, collaborating, enabling process, completing stages and milestones, commitment, and achievement. Quick co-creativity may be fun and playful, and we provide the space for it too. For the creation of sound, visuals, choreographies, activities, and workshops, co-creativity requires commitment, a road map, and time management. we consider we have solved the challenge with our rewards system and the diverse roles and opportunities offered in the platform.

A DATA-DRIVEN, PRIVACY & SECURITY platform requires of use of data. We do run assessments of the capacity of our users. The first line of data is considered their private property. we use it with our algorithms only to run assessments and tailor-made content for them. we have created a new privacy and security system, that generates a data format that is unreadable by third parties. In the case of a cyber attack, we reduce the damage to a minimum.

It is a social media platform. We utilize a 12 steps identity check, to prevent access to A.I. Bots, Scammers, and Identity thieves.

Our main focus is to provide quality of life increase and enhancement through our services and products.
The attention the market, government, health services, education, and employers, give directly to topics like mental health, personal growth, work-life balance, family quality of time, positive mindset, creativity, self-regeneration, brain performance enhancement, and other benefits of our platform. Consider them as important to your daily life for which the activities we prescribe need to be integrated into the daily routine. If the users and their living environments are promoting and supporting their engagement, the main outcome provided by the platform will be achieved successfully

To integrate our products into daily life, our users need to schedule weekly and daily activities. Time management, change of habits, and procrastination are a challenge. Our activities can be completed in 1min, 3 min, 9 min, 18 min, and 36 min. To schedule at least once per day 20 min would create a meaningful change in the quality of life of the users, within a number of weeks or months. We have great results with 9, 27, 81, 243, and 729 days cycles.

INNOVATION & MARKET ENGAGEMENT: Something new, is tested, and the market starts consuming it slowly. It takes time to be integrated into the daily business, private life, and lifestyle of our users. We consider also that there is a community of researchers, artists, performers, explorers, and audiences interested in sound, vibration, and frequency applications to improve quality of life. For them, our innovation, methods, and knowledge will be also new. So it will take time for them to test, try out, get familiar with, and then make the decision to explore further. But once the tools and assets are being used, and the outcome experienced, we consider a multiplication effect, once is transferred to the user's households.

Our users need a credit card, PayPal, or Bank account to purchase, and transfer the subscription fees.
We also consider collaboration with community centers, to enable collective purchase. Our household (family), team, community, and company membership, give similar services to a collective of individuals, for which only one payment gateway can be used. We hope to simplify and make it more accessible.

NETWORK COLLABORATION & COMPETITION: We are aware of the wonderful work done by facilitators, artists, and researchers so far. Each of them is having today their own audience and activities, Our platform may be perceived as disruptive. But on the contrary, we would like to invite them to join us, use our tools, translate their work with Matrix-Q Sound Language, learn how to use our algorithms and create a stream of their activities in our platform. By bringing together the crowd of contributors in the field, we can activate a human collective intelligence and do more together.

AMBASSADORS: Thanks to our ambassadors, we can reach out to locations, organizations, households, and communities all over the world. we believe we offer a rewarding system so that ambassadors will feel engaged and take the opportunity as a part-time job or side income. For the system to work, ambassadors need to be purpose-driven. More benefits are received when they also want to engage in learning, becoming co-creators, workshop facilitators, coaches, or Matrix-Q Specialists. Communication, time management, and negotiation skills can be trained in our Akademia online. Their long-term engagement, ability to commit to the process, and contribute for a longer time, helping us achieve milestones, is a challenge. We consider our most active users may like to become our best ambassadors.

NEW TECHNOLOGIES: We live in a rapidly changing society, our civilization is in continuous change due to technology and knowledge advancements. To keep up to date with the new tech. we will need to be ready for continuous upgrades, innovation, and development. For example, Mac Vision Pro is giving us a great opportunity to explore new experiences on collective streaming and sharing. Ideal for our platform. The technology itself will be soon launched. Other tools like VR & AR and metaverse can be integrated into our system already.

REMOTE BUSINESS: We are developing ourselves as a remote company, since 2021. Our approach would work well for nomads, or team members that would like to travel, in particular those exploring cultures and ancient civilizations. We consider also that venues where our users can gather and use tools and services together, like sound design, workshop facilitation, dance, and performance, would be ideal. At a certain stage, we need to consider implementing a service similar to Airbnb for our activities at the location

INNOVATION LAB: We are working on the creation of an innovation lab, a center where to run more research, innovation, and experimentation in the use of sound, frequency, and vibration to enhance human quality of life. we would like to add research for education, learning, brain performance, technology, health, immunology, and arts, which require expensive equipment and specialized professionals. we would like to use the INNOVATION LAB (Matrix-Q Studio), to explore together, with our members remotely, and create with it a travel destination for our innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors. The construction and implementation of this center will be costly.

FUNDING ROUNDS: In our road map we predict the development of the SaaS platform with 9 parallel modules or business lines. Including the following funding rounds. The current funding round will help us complete the first stages to launch a SaaS with MVPs, at a level to start commercialization. Our plan is to use bootstrapping, growth hacking, and partnerships, B2B, to accelerate our growth and gather the funds for the next investments. There is a burn rate, the funding received will be used weekly in batches, strategically invested. An economic outcome should also happen in a specific time frame, so that we generate cash flow, and create a self-sustained business before we "burn" all the funds received. Here is probably the major risk, of entrepreneurial nature, how to solve the matrix of our business development challenges, within a time window of opportunity created by this first funding campaign. Considering ourselves successful. We may not need more investors or funders. Or we may consider accelerating our development by launching a second funding round. Our challenge is in both scenarios to demonstrate enough ROI and business development milestones, to engage new investors for the following rounds.

Quantifiying Positive Impulse 

It is a digital platform SaaS
Our coding methodology is circular.
We intentionally optimize the design of the application with the module system, reduce the volume of data (therefore reducing energy usage), and a future-product design that enables quick upgrades (without the need for structural changes) reducing energy usage, time and increasing adaptability
We utilize an agile methodology

It is a digital platform
We constantly upgrade, and upcycle our tool
The previous digital modules can be upgraded to build on them more advanced features
We utilize an agile and future-driven design. The complete platform could be re-used and repurposed, or evolve into a more focused market-driven purpose if necessary

It is a digital platform SaaS
We contract providers of hosting services, equipment, and materials that are participating in the circular transition, at some stage.
Our music instruments are made (HandPan) of metal plates that can be recycled; the devices (laptops, pads, phones, gadgets) will be sent for refurbishing and repurposing tech centers participating in a circular economy)

As much as possible, we would like to develop partnerships with providers that are actively participating in a circular economy
And if not, we will introduce them to holistic and circular practices.
For us is important they care for nature, planting trees, and creating diversity corridors or islands.
As well as their activities do not harm ecosystems and careful of species living in the area
Water, air, and noise pollution, we would like to see conscious real efforts to reduce them
CO2 emissions reduced, maybe participating in CO2 credits system.
How much green sustainable energy is being used and shared with their local community?

We are an inclusive organization. We welcome diversity.
We are family-friendly (Flexibility for parenting).
We are careful to integrate human rights and reduce/prevent discrimination in all forms

Our SaaS platform assisted by A.I. is human-inclusive. We do not displace humans, on the contrary, we provide capacity building for human specialists to develop human competencies that A.I. can not displace, adding value to the platform and business.