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We are developing a Smart Application

You will receive all our services via the app:

Personal growth, health, leisure(fun), creativity, and connection with our community via our Smart App. 


Receive special subscription conditions & prices for your early purchase


Luis will tell you the story while playing with the hand pan.

Listen to a HandPan Concert and Learn more about our innovative services, products and opportunities  

Backers Funding Program

By purchasing our products, you accelerate the development of our digital platform, and help us reach out worldwide with our products and services. Purchase products we can deliver today, perks (special bonus products), and purchase in advanced products that will be ready once the digital platform is ready

[ We are updating the online products catalog (webshop) for 2023 06 23 will be ready]



  • Matrix-Q Sound Studio utilizes Matrix-Q Knowledge, Innovations, technology, tools, methodology, and human competencies that A.I. can not displace
  • We utilize Matrix-Q Brain GYM Knowledge to enhance memory, focus, and work-life balance, nurture and cultivate a positive mindset, develop human intelligence, unleash human potential, facilitate personal growth, build up resilience in both family and community and advance creativity
  • We utilize a holistic data-driven accelerated learning methodology assisted by A.I.
  • With it we measure, predict, enhance and optimize players' performance, considering a matrix of human competencies


  • With Matrix-Q Sound Studio our customers learn how to utilize Matrix-Q Sounds to enhance their quality of life, develop their creativity skills, and achieve personal growth
  • Learn-Play gives our subscribers the possibility to complete gamified training programs, get certificates and licenses as Matrix-Q Sound Creators & Facilitators
  • Earn-Play, some of our products offer affiliates programs & a Market Place, for Matrix-Q Sound Creators, Performers Workshop facilitators & Game creators
  • We are specialized in developing human competencies that can not be displaced by A.I. or automation
  • Matrix-Q Sound Studio is the next generation of sound creation technology assisted by A.I.

MORE ABOUT our PURPOSE DRIVEN STORY, Road Map, and Wallet system. Please read below

Invest in the Matrix-Q Sound Studio SaaS

Digital Transition, Digital Twin, Social Media & Market Place, Tools, Community

Scaling Matrix-Q Sound Studio Assisted by A.I. & Human Specialists 

Investment Pathways 2023

  • 1. Backers, crowdfunding, purchasing our products with special conditions
  • 2. Ambassadors. Participating in the business development project
  • 3. Loans

The Story


It is a SaaS Application with 9 modules (Tools, Services, Assets, Licenses & Programs) that utilize sound, frequency, and vibration as enhancers of quality of life.


I provide a sound improvement of your quality of life

With a data-driven digital platform assisted by A.I. Engine and Human Specialists

We measure, predict, enhance and optimize your capacity to utilize sound, frequency, vibration, sensory awareness, body movement, positive emotions, and consciousness to improve your quality of life


We want to enhance the quality of life of 59.049 families in 108 locations worldwide in 2037. 

At least one family member will become a Human Specialist, able to provide services and products, to their family members, community, and network (workshops, training, coaching, mentorship, challenges, and games) utilizing Matrix-Q Sound knowledge, skills, methodology & technology.

We will create 59.049 new jobs, by providing capacity building to multiplicators, committed to transferring the use of the knowledge, skills, methodology, and technology to the next 9+ generations. 

We expect each multiplicator to utilize our digital platform to engage the next-generation multiplicators. We have made the math. With the multiplicator's commitment, this valuable health-prevention, and quality-of-life knowledge, skills, methodology, and technology will be transferred to every household, and family, on our planet within 9+ generations


What can 1 or more individuals do together with sound?

  • Listen to sounds, frequencies, and vibrations
  • Have fun by playing with the visuals, and dancing with our choreography (nonverbal body language)
  • Enjoy their creativity, co-create together
  • Play music & dance to it
  • Perform for others
  • Tell stories
  • Facilitate workshops
  • Facilitate coaching and mentorship
  • Research, explore the sound and dance of ancient cultures and civilizations
  • Innovate, and develop new technology and solutions to address local, global, and social pressing issues
  • Celebrate with your community, friends, or family
  • Create and play games
  • Activate a positive mindset
  • Enable work-life balance
  • Bring your family/community together
  • Improve your memory, attention span, focus, concentration
  • Improve your brain performance
  • Create assets, and monetize them
  • Promote assets, and earn commissions
  • Play Music

and much more.

Humanity enjoys and uses sound, frequency, and vibration in so many ways. So it is our online community. We are prepared to provide (Modules, SaaS) the diversity of uses of sound, and to build a community of users, facilitators, and creators around them.

While our digital platform will provide the technology to create visual, auditive, and actionable assets to enhance the quality of life, health prevention, and activation of a positive mindset. It is our community of sound co-creators, dancers, influencers, workshops facilitators, performers, game creators, coaches, and mentors that create the real value and positive impulse


Health, joy, and family are our values

The definition of wealth for us includes the ability to enable quality of life and time for yourself, and your family and community. To have acquired the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to ensure and provide shelter, water, food, health, safety, joy, freedom of choice, and happiness to the people you love and care. 

As we intend to create jobs, we also provide the marketplace, and the career path necessary for those ready to multiply the positive impulse created with the digital platform. Including the training and licenses for workshop facilitators, trainers, coaches, mentors, game creators, challenge designers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.


Our users, members, and partners join us with a membership fee, giving them access to the SaaS with 9x Modules. 

We utilize a wallet system, with additional purchases inside the app

When the users want to purchase any program, asset, service, or tool training, utilize the digital currency available (Balance) in their wallet. If they need more, they top up their wallet with more cash. 

All services, products, assets, licenses, and programs are available in the marketplace

Users/members/co-creators have profile pages, in which their assets, and property is stored and represented. 


Members of our community receive complete training, to contribute with their creativity, purpose, and also entrepreneurial mindset. 

We utilize a data-driven holistic gamified accelerated learning methodology, tailor-made to the individual. 

With this methodology and our data-driven technology, we measure, predict, enhance and optimize the capacity of our members to utilize our tools, technology, knowledge, and skills.

We give them gamified challenges and simulations to create a self-paced learning process.

The training program includes content for aspiring entrepreneurs, tools, and skills, for strategic management, communication, marketing, and sales. As well as earn-play activities, to generate a side income by playing. 

With this learning system, we provide certificates for coaches, trainers, mentors, workshop facilitators, game creators, challenge facilitators, sound designers, dancers, preventive health facilitators, quality of life facilitators, work-life balance, mental health, therapeutical activities facilitators, and many more.


Matrix-Q Sound Studio Knowledge, Skills, Methodology & Technology 

Developed at the Matrix-Q Research Institute, Innovative technology & methodology, utilize knowledge of ancient cultures and civilizations, modern science and technology.

Innovator: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken