Terschelling Island Program July-October 2023

Inspired by Nature

" In all my travels, since 1987, I have been visiting locations that have unique properties, to inspire our imagination, creativity, lifestyle, or regeneration.

Nature is the best place to learn about how nature principles and holistic systems can be utilized in daily life, in innovation, entrepreneurship or inspire purpose-driven investment.

Nature has been my inspiration.

In 2023 I did visit the Dutch Island Terschelling. I feel this Island so close from the Netherlands mainland has much to offer to travelers, as well as to explorers, and researchers of nature-nurtured locations. I have been motivated by Its magic, pure and raw energy, wild nature, and exciting landscape filled with opportunities to learn, connect with the raw elements of nature, to observe nature systems and principles, to feel them with your body; and much more. 

I have visited wonderful locations with pristine energy and unique awakening qualities, for personal growth also spiritual development, in so many countries. But Terschelling offers a unique journey, I would like to continue together with you, and members of our club, and network.

I hope in 2023, and later 2024, the Matrix-Q Ecosystem will save and create time to join me at this wonderful location.


Daily sessions of 20, 40, 80, 160, 200 min

You can choose if you prefer to attend individual or group sessions

Along the day many opportunities to explore the islands together

You book one or more days, and attend to the activities and events you prefer.

You have total control of your budget, if you do not attend some activities, its ok, you can use the units later online or with digital products or back to mainland visiting Rhenen. You will have the freedom to go with the flow, daily decide what you want to do.

Luis will guide all activities, outdoors explorations, dinners, lunch, breakfast, daily practices, meditation, workshops, seminars, lessons, presentations. 

You will have aso the opportunity to book Luis for private lessons, or an individual coaching program

Companies can also book special sessions (please contact us or availability details)


Schedule time with us, with a phonecall or whatsapp message to +31626673380 (Luis)


Start at 500,00 EUR/ half day, 1000,00 EUR/ day, a special discount for members of the Matrix-Q Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs Club upto 75% (If you are not yet a member or a company, contact us for more information)

You can book 3, 5, 9, 12, 18, 27 days, and share this location, adventures, explorations and journey with Luis at Terschelling Island