Success & Positive Failure

Success & Positive Failure

I have added this program to our services.

At the SaaS we have a special module dedicated to provide training to aspiring facilitators, coaches, but also innovators and entrepreneurs.

It is always challenging the first time you consider self-employment even if it is part time engagement only. And more challenging if you want to use innovations, new knowledge or concepts, as the market may not be ready, nor investors.

But there is always a path to take, and wisdom to learn. I hope our multiplicators to use this program to save time. Yet there are always lessons that can only be learned by doing, this is why I have created challenges, games, simulations, and real projects for them to rehearse and experience,

The added value and connection is that i will share how to utilize sound, sensory awareness, positive emotions and mindset to overcome 90% of the challenges they may have faced, or will face in the future. Considering also that most of our business tools, and technology use sound and geometry as a langauge.

This totally new approach will create a revolution in business, leadership and entrepreneurship. But maybe not for this one, but become mainstream for some generations in the future.

Accelerate your learning curve, receive tools & resources to boost your success, and achieve your goals faster.

Profit from 36 years of experience generating holistic wealth, practicing multidisciplinary research, purpose-driven innovation, entrepreneurship & investmentWe will explore the definition, experience, and potential of the word SUCCESS

In this unique program, available for a limited time only, I will share with you about my journey.

Since 1987 I have set goals, designed and executed strategies, and tactics, and achieved milestones and targets. I have also failed, pivoted, and created assets from liabilities, potential, and abundance from inconvenient conditions.I will share with you how I did achieve targets with zero contacts, in new locations, and with just 5 EUR, 10 USD, 50 CH, and 5K EUR

I will also share with you how I spent in the execution of strategies, 1K EUR, 5K EUR, 10KEUR, 20KEUR, and 40K EUR without reaching the results I wantedI have been living abroad and traveling since 1996, I did self-fund a multidisciplinary research that today is the source of a holistic body of work, and innovations in value of millions.

I have traveled and met cultures, people opportunities, nations, experiences, natural landscapes, and historical events personally. While developing business projects, creating opportunities, innovating, leaving aging resources, achieving stages in personal growth, skills and knowledge for entrepreneurship, creating long-term lasting relationships, and crafting assets, systems, and knowledge.

To dare for success you need to dare, risk, acquire confidence and knowledge, yet also be grounded, and make remarkable choices that can change your life.I will share with you how my life changes, what I have learned and why, what has been useful, and what have not.


Why would you like to join this program?Save time, learning from success, failure, goals, targets, choices, mission, purpose, and opportunities


A step by step process from re-evaluating your own definition of success to exploring how to optimize your journey towards a more successful life with freedom (time and resources to make the choices you prefer), the tools, and resources, to achieve it by your own


Subscribe to Steps 0, 1, or 2, Complete the tasks given, participate, and contribute. Receive points, and vouchers, for the following steps.Your investment and commitment in your own success will be rewardedMOTIVATIONLuis would like to encourage you and inspire you personally, with a free e-coaching session. Register free of charge


STEP 0.) Training: To acquire skills, tools, and knowledge for entrepreneurship and the generation of holistic wealth. A gamified program. By completing 1 challenge, you have access to the next one. Includes group coaching

STEP 1.) An interactive conversation about SUCCESS

STEP 2.) Workshop 9x goals failures, pivots, challenges, assets, targets to explore together facts and events, possibilities, opportunities (to learn from). In this workshop, you will explore through simulations and games the same challenges, and your own solutions

STEP 3.) Seminar: Tools, Systems, Skills, MindSet & Purpose I would use today, that did not have access to in 1987, 1993, 1997, 2003, 2007, 2013, 2017, 2023, that would have changed dramatically the outcome of my journey and success. An introduction to the fundamentals, and a step-by-step process to learn how to use them.

STEP 4.) Challenges: An opportunity to receive coaching and mentorship, while taking challenges, games, simulations, missions, and real projects, that will help you achieve the stage of development you need for your goals

STEP 5.) Facilitator License Program: to become a multiplication of the information, and knowledge, provided in this program, facilitate it, by utilizing special content crafted for you as a facilitator. The content is unique and different from the program available to the public. The facilitator program nl dues mentorship, coaching, and training in the Matrix-Q Data-driven holistic education methodology. The license program gives you access to the content, guides to facilitate the workshops, and permanent support by a Matrix-Q Specialist. You can earn as much as you want, change the fees you want, and earn as much as you want. We reward you for your success.

STEP 6. To STEP 9.) Includes acquiring advanced multidisciplinary knowledge that will help you innovate, and startup purpose-driven businesses, create new opportunities, and enable a positive impulse for the next 9+ generations. Includes mentors Ing, holistic coaching, and training