Primordial Fitness

Primordial Fitness

Inspired by Nature

" Imagine for a moment that you are living in the forest, but not today, 12600 years ago, and you need to hunt, collect food daily to survive, and find water and shelter because you are moving all the time. In that scenario, believe me, you will get fit very soon. Not only in your body but also in your emotions, mind, and soul. You would have sharpened your senses, creativity, resilience, collaboration, thinking, creativity to overcome barriers, and unexpected circumstances, change, loss, and transition." ~ LDMF


Get fit in your body, mind, emotions, energy, spirit, and soul.

Get fit with nature's elements: wind, fire, water, earth, space, the heart, nature-patterns, and purpose.

Get fit with sound, frequency, and vibration

Get fit with body awareness, positive emotions, conscious breathing, geometry-inspired movements

Get fit with creativity, self-expression, inspiration, imagination

Get fit with simulations, games, dance, and rhythm

Get fit by placing yourself at the core by facing the primordial forces of nature


Choose a program:

  • 20 min daily remote
  • Leisure & fun fitness program for Fitness Studios, and GYMs
  • Workshops online or in nature
  • Immersive program 1+ Full Days Leisure-Training, at Terschelling Island The Netherlands 
  • Immersive program 3+ Full Days Leisure-Training, visiting cultural and natural sites North of The Netherlands
  • Private sessions, coaching training
  • Corporate programs for Team Building, Leadership Skills, or Leisure
  • Survival fitness challenges abroad traveling
  • Seminars, courses
  • e-Learning


It is a coaching-training program resulting from multidisciplinary research for holistic personal growth since 1993. It includes modern scientific knowledge, as well as nature-inspired knowledge, and a hero journey.

(Matrix-Q Research Institute)  Primordial Fitness is the new upgrade of our personal training programs outdoors, integrating the experience and knowledge accumulated with innovative products, since 1993. The tones sequences,  geometry, movements of the body, games, challenges, rhythms, method to play the handpan, techniques, and tools, are completely new. The techniques utilized for conscious breathing, and body movement provides several benefits. See below the list of previous knowledge, skills, activities and courses that have been integrated into Primordial Fitness.


Peter attend a 3 hours workshop. First, we learn how to breathe, cultivate a positive mindset. Peter learn some moves with his body. We add sound (Tones sequences designed for primordial fitness, or live music played with the handpan by the trainer). Once rhythm, intensity shifts, and choreography have been learned, through repetition, we add unique emotions and imagery journeys, storytelling. Now We are ready to explore nature, with the elements, wind, fire, water, earth, space, the heart, nature patterns, and purpose. While practicing outdoors or with motivational nature-inspired multimedia media elements indoors, we learn directly from nature, lessons about fitness for our body, mind, emotions, energy, spirit, and soul. We combine lessons indoors, individual personal growth, and fitness coaching, with activities outdoors, exploring nature and sound. 

The company booked a leisure team building for 9 employees. We travel together to Terschelling Island. A team is waiting for us, accommodation and all necessary travel, and leisure services are ready. Daily we schedule workshops, group activities, and nature exploration, leisure time is combined with inspiring activities and training, exploring the benefits of Primordial Fitness while enjoying of the wild raw nature at Terschelling Island

Johanna has booked private sessions, combined with a daily remote program. The private sessions are held sometimes in the forest, sometimes online. Daily Johanna attends a 20 min session, and checks in, with a coach-trainer. Johanna is exploring VR, and we plan to upgrade to VISION PRO for the solo e-learning program and remote group sessions live.

Sara took a survival training program with us, combining the primordial fitness, and survival and exploration challenges abroad traveling

Primordial Fitness Time Line

Courses and programs that inspired me to create the Primordial Fitness Method

In 2019 I got a knee injury that transformed my life. I used to do outdoor power training, with a holistic system I developed since 1993. But I could not do that training anymore. I experienced a very difficult 2 years, of waiting for my knee to recover. Until I decided to flow with change. I did then an upgrade of my system looking for the most essential principles, and creating products that can be adjusted to any condition, age, and experience.

The Matrix-Q Knowledge, the foundation for my work, is based on a multidisciplinary private studio of nature-inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations, and modern science. I did self-fund my own research while traveling as a coach-trainer, and business consultant, since 1996/1999.

I learned in 1987 at the boy scouts how to facilitate skills training by utilizing nature-based challenges. Since 1993 I did gamify a weekly training at the university dedicated to personal growth, leadership, emotional intelligence, purpose, and multidisciplinary team building. For 1999 I will ground a travelers club, dedicated to contributing to locations we visited, empowering local NGOs, companies, networks, and professionals. 

I have been learning from several knowledge systems, traditions, and circles of knowledge between 1993 and 2007. I will then publish the results of my work, in booklets to be used by my students. 

Since 2003 I live in EUROPE, I have been teaching and providing coaching and therapeutical services in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Israel, Russia, Italy, France, Finland, and the Netherlands. I started to teach online in 2010, overseas to North & South Amerika, India, Japan, Hong Kong, and South Afrika.

In 2003 at the Island of Terschelling, the Netherlands, I did an upgrade of my holistic system, by integrating the knowledge acquired on sound, and brain repatterning, to all courses I have facilitated so far. The result is Primordial Fitness.

I feel grateful for the opportunity to share this advanced version of my work. 

It focuses more on a soft, balance, leisure experience; as well as on resilience, endurance, and health prevention; it is accessible to all conditions, and age groups; and if requested can be used as a therapeutical experience, combined with holistic coaching.

More about my life journey, research and innovation work at 


The Algorithmic Art of Human Enhancement

I have trained entrepreneurs and C-Level with this holistic system on

  • Non violence
  • Positive emotions
  • Body-Awareness
  • Geometric movements 
  • Use of tones and frequencies

Matrix-Q Breathe

Conscious Breathing with Positive Emotions

  • Increase your buffer
  • Energize your day
  • Develop time awareness
  • Enjoy human connection & empathy
  • Cope and process faster challenges, stress, trauma, and negativity
  • Develop your emotional intelligence
  • Enhance your consciousness
  • Achieve self-confidence
  • Develop a positive relationship with your body, thoughts & emotions
  • Stabilize your work-life balance
  • Increase the quantity and improve the quality of your energy and emotions

Matrix-Q Sonic 

Brain GYM, Performance Enhancement

  • Enhance your brain Performance with Sound, Frequency, Vibration & Visuals
  • I generate a unique DNA code for each customer, matching it with a specific tailor-made sonic experience

Archery for Business

The target is not the goal

  • Enhance your entrepreneurial skills with the practice of archery


Meditation under water

  • Looking at a calm state of mind, utilizing sound, and conscious breathing with positive emotions underwater

Matrix-Q Work-Outs

Remote Training

  • 20 min sessions daily

Sound Coaching

Holistic Coaching - Training Sessions with Sound

  • I provide a sound enhancement of your qulaity of life.
  • Training programs for multiplicators
  • Holistic gamified data driven accelerated learning methodlogy 

Sound Yoga

Sound, Frequency & Vibration

I have trained customers willing to change habits, and create work life balance 

  • Brain GYM
  • Positive mindset activation
  • Stress release
  • Memory
  • Ability to listen and connect
  • Positive emotions

" Meditative listening is one of the most advanced practices for siritual development and personal growth " ~ LDMF

" Sound Bathing experiences combined with forest bathing to maximize regeneration inspired by nature" ~ LDMF

Positive MindSet Activation

A sound enhancement of your quality of life

Corporate Programs


Positive failure, navigating loss, change and transition

Navigating Change, Loss, and Transition

Includes Positive Failure Program

Case study based on my own life journey, success, challenges, pivots and positive failure 

Laugh Yoga

The art of laughing to boost your health, mindset and happiness