Prevention Training

Inspired by Nature


PREVENTION:The act of stopping something from happening or of stopping someone from doing or not doing something. Or in other words, the act of changing the future outcomes by acting today with knowledge of a predicted future

There are proactive, positive, and constructive approaches to utilize information in the futureOne of them is PREVENTION. Prevention is a challenge for our modern society that is used to react to short-term experienced threats or tangible, perceivable situations.

Considering that the perception of an event is not the description of such after it took place, prevention means to act when nothing has happened yet.How preventive health and a holistic lifestyle can boost your life with a positive mindset & emotionsHow to transform survival stress into an adaptive and responsive capacity with positive emotions and preventive health practices.I have something very important to share with all of you.I have uploaded this new track to our podcast. It is about prevention.

The reason why I decided to share it now is that worldwide, also here in NL, the survival stress is increasing. Several reasons.The attention, energy-body-mind-emotions-spirit coordination in humankind as a collective is being disrupted, which creates more vulnerability for the economy, health, mental health, and social issues.Therefor, it is of extreme importance that we do for our own company/ecosystem daily preventive practices

These practices belong to the Matrix-Q Akademia & Matrix-Q Studio Program " Balance" and are there to help our ecosystem develop work-life balance and a holistic life style culture, but more of all happiness and preventive health, align our survival stress to positive emotions, creativity and adaptive/responsive capacity, in other words cultivate and strengthen a positive and adaptive mindset and skills, including our leadership skills.So, please listen carefully.I will add some instructions here soon how we will internally, as a community of entrepreneurs, can respond together to these collective challengesWishing you health, joy and happiness


Daily sessions of 3, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 200 min


Schedule time with us, with a phonecall or whatsapp message to +31626673380 (Luis)


Start at 36 € / session, or 100,00 EUR/ session, or 500 €/half day, 1000,00 EUR/ full day, a special discount for members of the Matrix-Q Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs Club upto 75% (If you are not yet a member or a company, contact us for more information)