Positive MindSet Activation

I facilitate REMOTE Sessions to 

Boost your Quality of Life & Work-Life Balance

  • 10 min or 20 min 
  • 12 Sessions Remote Program


Innovative Holistic Data-Driven Methodology. I do an assessment (diagnosis based on evidence) of your condition and challenge. I utilize a holistic data-driven methodology to measure, predict and enhance your quality of life.

I give you a prescription: indicating the sound sequences, activities, skills development, change of habits, personal growth,  improve time management, regeneration, and new tools you can utilize daily to accelerate your transition. I prepare for you a therapeutical preventive program, indicating minutes/activity/week.

Included are holistic coaching & training of skills, setting goals and milestones, weekly check-in sessions

I design a gamified challenge (to enable holistic accelerated learning), to add fun, and leisure to the process.


You have a 


You need to

  • stabilize your mindset,
  • with positive emotions,
  • recover perspective,
  • energize your day,
  • set a new direction to your lifestyle, family, business, profession, creativity or future


You want to 


You have set goals to

  • create new habits
  • boost your self-regeneration capacity
  • change your lifestyle
  • develop a preventive mindset with joy
  • personal growth & self-transformation


You already made a choice to

Unleash your full potential

To become yourself in a journey of personal growth & self-transformation

An INDIVIDUAL Tailor Made Journey

  • You set your own goals & priorities
  • Your daily life as the greatest teacher
  • Develop skills & human competencies that A.I. and technology can not displace
  • Acquire knowledge, tools, & methods
  • Take purpose-driven missions & challenges
  • Create a gamified space in your life to add fund, leisure, and connection 


  • There are journeys that can not be made alone
  • Meetups, conversations, futurist assessment
  • Workouts, practice sessions, collective training
  • Time-sensitive opportunities for teamwork
  • Gamified challenges, hybrid games, simulations
  • Travel, adventure, exploration, leisure activities
  • Work-life balance, quality of life boost-sessions
  • Body-System, support group

There is only one reason for you to take action

You know, you can not change your life with the same mindset that created the dilemmas you need to solve.

Your uniqueness is the solution to a challenge we are about to discover.

Your investment in your own success will be rewarded.

Change your present, upgrade your future!

Free your trapped value.

Unleash your potential!

You want to take ownership over your life and future

The Story

" In my life as an explorer, researcher, entrepreneur, investor, and innovator I have faced unpredictable challenges, under inconvenient conditions, undergoing accelerated change and transition, while having limited access to resources, and opportunities.

I have personally experienced what it means to be at the edge of my capacity and make out of my purpose and vision an energizing source of inspiration and motivation to move forward.

The methods, techniques, and tools I am facilitating at the Matrix-Q Positive MindSet Activation program, have helped me to find nurturing balance, regeneration, perspective, creativity, positive emotions, and clarity, in the middle of the storm; as well as strength, abundance, and orientation in good times.

The positive mindset activation program teaches you how to generate a new quality of energy and emotions, in such a quantity, that you can boost your potential, and transform challenging circumstances into opportunities and positive outcomes. 

This foundation has certainly helped me to undertake challenges, risks, and missions under complex conditions, knowing I can use a unique set of personal resources, that only depend on myself, for which I need no more than 10 min or 20 min per day, and that would be enough to upgrade my present, change my future, and reach a new milestone of my personal development.

I believe these set of skills and tools, facilitated in the Positive MindSet Activation Program, should be thought at school, and university, and be provided as necessary resources for any professional, in particular for purpose-driven entrepreneurs, that live daily life with a vision, of creating a positive pulse for the following 9+ generations.

My goal is to facilitate and provide this knowledge, tools, procedures, and necessary skills and mindset to as many as possible, and build capacity in multiplicators and facilitators worldwide, hoping the knowledge will become a valuable asset for their families and their legacy.  "

~ Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken  

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

" I create futurist bridges of knowledge, skills, & technology, between ancient nature-inspired civilizations, modern culture, innovation-driven entrepreneurship and the next advanced civilizations" ~ LDMF

  • Luis has facilitated workshops, coaching, and training to 1000s of customers, while living abroad, and remotely, also as an integrated program to support members of his companies, today to boost the quality of life, work-life balance, and personal growth in all members of his club of purpose-driven entrepreneurs.
  • Founder of the Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary Research Institute, Matrix-Q Club of Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs, Matrix-Q Innovation Lab, The Matrix-Q Gamified-Challenge for Startups, & The Matrix-Q Sound-Studio  
  • Creator of the Matrix-Q Methodology, Tools, Skills, Methods & Technology
  • Luis was born in Peru in a multinational, multicultural family. Spent years of childhood living in Europe, influenced by Austrian, Swiss, & Chinese, and Japanese Cultures. 
  • In 1993 Initiated his exploration of the gamification of human potential, personal leadership, emotional intelligence, and accelerated learning, creating a multidisciplinary gamified study circle at the university, realizing the impact of non-academic human competencies in the development of purpose-driven leaders and entrepreneurs
  • He has been living abroad and traveling (1996-) in Latin Amerika, Europe, and Asia. Lives in Europe since 2003. 
  • Lives in the Netherlands since 2016, eligible for the innovator-start-up visa provided by the Dutch Government. Created a stable headquarters for his research, innovation, and entrepreneurial activities in the Netherlands.
  • Explorer, private expeditions, dedicated to research on mathematics, algorithms, knowledge, technology, holistic education, personal growth, economics, quality of life, lifestyle, and society of nature-inspired ancient cultures and civilizations
  • Self-funded private researcher, serial entrepreneur, coach-mentor, facilitator, business consultant, artist, author, yoga and meditation, conscious breathing, consent, non-violence, personal growth, and a martial arts trainer
  • An innovator in education, preventive health, quality of life, gamification, technology, diversity and inclusion, circular design, business models and economics, entrepreneurship, personal growth, and human potential.

Matrix-Q Akademia

For Multiplicators

Nurture & cultivate a positive mindset

  • Increase your buffer
  • Energize your day
  • Develop time awareness
  • Enjoy human connection & empathy
  • Cope and process faster challenges, stress, trauma, and negativity
  • Develop your emotional intelligence
  • Enhance your consciousness
  • Achieve self-confidence
  • Develop a positive relationship with your body, thoughts & emotions
  • Stabilize your work-life balance
  • Increase the quantity and improve the quality of your energy and emotions