Holistic Balance CAPACITY SCAN Data-Driven

Holistic Balance

Matrix-Q Capacity Scan(DNA)

We utilize for our assessment the 9 primordial principles of health, happiness, and joy

Data-Driven Entrepreneurship utilizes strategic thinking considering business externalities, systemic impact of entrepreneurial activities, and holistic management of the organization, based on the results of data analysis


  • Measure, predict, value, enhance and optimize your performance, the capacity for creating, nurturing, and sustaining a holistic lifestyle, balance, and quality time
  • Enhance your body posture, breathing, mobility
  • Activate your survival and responsive capacity
  • Release memory of trauma, stress, and tension
  • Enhance your capacity for learning, adaptation, thinking, and creativity
  • Identify visible and invisible barriers, blind spots, weaknesses, and strengths
  • Assess your emotional intelligence, empathy, time and process management
  • Optimize the outcome of your communication, collaboration, and co-creativity
  • Enhance your capacity to solve challenges with both conscious and subconscious resource


  • Unleash trapped value, and innovation opportunities
  • Value your human capital
  • Design, and accelerate learning in your organization
  • Personalize the design of your leadership development program, and create specific content to accelerate the individual development of the next generation leaders of your organization
  • Trace the linchpin of your organization and strategy
  • Match your team members with challenges, customers, products, and teams
  • Match your customers and leads to campaigns and products


  • For the Matrix-Q Scan, we utilize tools to map or organize the data of your company, team, and management
  • The scan sessions take from 3 up to 20 min
  • A Matrix-Q specialist will review the outcome of the scan with you, and add human analysis to the data analysis
  • A report will be provided to you with suggestions
  • The suggestions will address the goals, challenges, and dilemmas you are currently solving