Corporate (B2B)

Corporate Programs


  • Schedule time with us, we tailor-made a program for you
  • Would you like a program for executives, teams, and employees? 
  • Do you need a flexible schedule?
  • Are you implementing an organizational transition?
  • How would you like to develop your business culture?
  • Our wallet system allows you to set a limit to your budget and adjust on the go the tailor-made program, with an agile response to the progress achieved by your team with our programs.
  • Do you prefer a demo session?
  • Do you need a totally private program for C-level?
  • Our trusted advisor program gives you the safety and security you need
  • Do you prefer to schedule a workshop, and try out a pilot?
  • Or do you need a resident Matrix-Q Specialist fully committed to your company? 
  • We lease certified Matrix-Specialist, to join your team, and receive all our support for the projects and special tasks you may need.