Quick Silver Program

Nurture & cultivate a positive mindset

  • Increase your buffer
  • Energize your day
  • Develop time awareness
  • Enjoy human connection & empathy
  • Cope and process faster challenges, stress, trauma, and negativity
  • Develop your emotional intelligence
  • Enhance your consciousness
  • Achieve self-confidence
  • Develop a positive relationship with your body, thoughts & emotions
  • Stabilize your work-life balance
  • Increase the quantity and improve the quality of your energy and emotions

Do you want to learn, but do not have the budget?

We offer you a special program (QUICK SiLVER) in which you can start from the first day with learning and also earning as a facilitator, you will pay for the program with a % of your income.

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, guides a meditative conscious breathing practice (Matrix-Q Breathe Method, Primordial Breathe) integrated to handpan (Matrix-Q Sound)

Remember to sense, feel & breathe, to be alive!

In a nutshell

Cultivate a stable, positive, and adaptive mindset
Process faster and effectively the daily experiences and challenges
Cope and respond to the challenges that daily life reality brings to you
Self-regenerate faster
Release stress. Sleep better
Increase your daily buffer capacity


The first breath of life continued rhythmically until this moment but somehow we often forget how this simple action has so much power over us.

Matrix-Q approach to breathing is unique as it is custom-made, it measures your needs, and blindspots so it helps you to recover THE DAILY NECESSARY BALANCE; and to enhance daily THE BUFFER THAT HELPS US PROCESS EXPERIENCES that may be UNCOMFORTABLE, UNEXPECTED, OR UNCONTROLLABLE

In a natural way, it connects you to your heart and helps you release emotional stress.

A natural state of calmness and clarity: an asset for you every time you need to face challenging circumstances and at the same time make strategic choices, improved abilities to resolve conflict, innovate, cope, respond and react to the given circumstances.

It alleviates stress, shocks, and trauma. Cultivates and enhances a creative and healthy mindset.

The clarity in your heart, body, and mind is the foundation for a happy journey in life!

The outcome of your time management, communication, strategy, and decisions are influenced by your daily breathing


Primordial breathing practice is the foundation for many applications: self-regeneration, self-healing, mental health, work-life balance, meditation, primordial yoga, personal growth, nonviolence, conscious sexuality, communication, collective awareness, wealth-ability (wealth-generation), and others. 

I am teaching Primordial Golden Rei-Ki or Primordial Breathing & Self-regeneration

Are you interested to attend to a course?

We use of techniques to activate the natural self-regeneration capacity of the practitioner's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

It is a self-regeneration technique based on the principle that one can activate a natural self-regeneration, stress release, tensions processing, and vitalization capacity in own body, by activating own unlimited energy source, and conducing sun’s quality of energy by means of touch, conscious breathing, body movement, imagery, positive emotions.

  • Rei : Soul, Spirit
  • Ki/Chi : Vital, Life Energy
  • Primordial : Original, Natural, Essential
  • Golden : Of sun’s nature, Nurturing Quality
  • Self-regeneration : Self-repairing capacity
  • Breathing : When you breathe, you are alive
  • Meditation: The Natural State of Being Authentic
  • Knowledge : Capacity of creating an outcome with all one has learned
  • Skill: The ability to use own conscious capacity and subconscious potential to achieve a goal
  • E-motion : Quality, quantity and intensity of energy/feeling or sensation that moves us into action


I have been successfully developing this technique since 1993, facilitating it as essential practice for work life balance, happiness, personal growth and purpose quest for leaders, entrepreneurs and families.

I have facilitated this training to 1000+ of students since 1993, integrated to my workshops and other courses

The training includes a holistic coaching/self-coaching methodology, knowledge of body with conscious movement, use of geometry, tones and colors. Practicing the 9 primordial principles of health, happiness and joy, spending time in nature, human connection and creativity.


While I do not provide individual therapeutical sessions anymore, I do actually offer trainings, support, and coach practitioners in their journey (stages of development of capacity, skills and outcomes) and facilitate a training program for aspiring trainers.

The complete training program for trainers includes 3 Modules.

But there are courses available also for everyone, even if you do not plan at the moment to become a coach/trainer.

The foundation course for beginners can be delivered in 3 alternative modalities, 1 full weekend, or an intensive of 1 full day, or 3 sessions within 1 month.

I also offer a demo workshop, of 40 min, for those curious to explore

Please contact me if you are interested

WhatsApp 0031626673380

" A step-by-step holistic program to cultivate, repair, enhance, and optimize our relationship with our own sexuality, ..." ~ LDMF

" Some journeys can not be made alone."

" The journey is like breathing; it has no beginning and no end." ~ LDMF

The 9 Dances of Primordial Love

Matrix-Q Conscious Sexuality & Co-creativity 101

  • The 9 Dances of Primordial Love 101 e-WORKSHOP

  • A step-by-step holistic program to cultivate, repair, enhance, and optimize our relationship with our own sexuality, gender identity, bonding (connecting with others), love relationships, and family.

  • A guide to developing our circular capacity to utilize our own sexuality for self-regeneration, self-knowledge (personal growth), and co-creativity (or realizing our dreams and visions). By empowering our life with joy, happiness, and co-creativity.

  • Primordial Breathe Applied to conscious sexuality, consent, conscious conception, self-regeneration

For whom

  • Attendees may focus on developing their own Primordial-Love Capacity
  • As well we welcome solopreneurs, innovators, influencers, talents, coaches, trainers, mentors, therapists, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, or investors; that would like to invest themselves, their own time, resources, experience, and capital into the acquisition of Primordial Love Knowledge, Tools, Methods, Skills, and Technology (To later develop a spin-off or manage a product or act as ambassadors for Matrix-Q SexEd Products & Services, sexuality education, conscious sexuality, diversity, equality, non-polarity, and inclusion) [ Matrix-Q License, Label, Franchise system ]
  • Nonprofit organizations and community projects are as well welcome to request a special workshop
  • Special workshops for the family business, single parents, communities, and young entrepreneurs
  • School teachers learn new methodology, tools, techniques & materials to teach
  • Parents (or aspiring parents) aiming to learn about conscious sexuality, conscious conception, or sexuality education for their children
  • Coach-trainer that would like to specialize in SexEd Matrix-Q Method
  • HHRR to develop new approaches for diversity, inclusion, co-creativity, equality, non-polarity, consent, and prevention of discrimination in the organization
  • C-Level to develop capacity and skills for co-creativity, gender diversity, inclusion, and equality. Creation of a safe space for a gender-diverse organization.

Matrix-Q e-Workouts

20 min Online Sessions

  • Primordial Yoga
  • Conscious Breathing
  • Self-regeneration
  • Positive Thinking
  • Brain GYM
  • Conscious Sexuality
  • Communication
  • Body-Awareness
  • Leisure

WhatsApp 0031626673380