Brain GYM's


" Since 1993 I have been exploring and researching holistic methods that enhance human performance.  I have been also participating in and organizing my self multidisciplinary archeology expeditions, with the purpose of finding out how nature-inspired ancient cultures and civilizations designed their technology, lifestyle, and society and educated their leaders with a holistic mindset. I re-discovered an ancient mathematic system and geometric language, that help us read the knowledge of all traditions and cultures of human history, "The Code" of nature. I have been utilizing for 27+ years to develop unique techniques, methodology, and training programs, that by being holistic, also develop human intelligence and unleashed human potential. "

~ Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Matrix-Q Research Institute founder, Matrix-Q Studio Lead, Facilitator.


  • Includes a combination of diverse holistic-training activities, developed by utilizing the Matrix-Q Holistic Knowledge, Code of Nature
  • The training units (activities) are provided in a sequence (Matrix-Q Algorithm) that is tailor-made to the individual status
  • We utilize a gamified holistic data-driven learning by-playing methodology.
  • We measure, predict, enhance and optimize human performance.


  • Any age group (We also facilitate programs for children)
  • We are specialized in leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors (Exposed to high stress, constant pressure, creativity challenges, uncertainty, survival challenges, and time-sensitive opportunities)
  • Any of the following would be a good reason to take the program:
    • You want to learn how to increase the quality and quantity of energy you have in your day, for your professional, private, or business activities
    • Mental health, work-life family balance, happiness at work
    • Purpose quest, career orientation, self-confidence
    • A positive mindset, with gratitude, self-love, and joy for life (positive emotions)
    • Creativity, intuition, empathy, emotional intelligence
    • Attention span, focus, concentration, memory
    • Body awareness, balance, coordination, synchronicity
    • Time management, process management
    • Communication, collaboration, co-creativity
    • Stress release, processing stress, trauma, and challenges faster


  • With the Matrix-Q Methodology, Code of Nature, we have crafted a unique set of methods, utilizing our knowledge of human body proportions (mathematics of nature, Fibonacci code), sound (harmonizing stimulating frequencies), color, emotions (metaphorical language, poetry, storytelling) and role play.
  • The activities are similar to
    • Performing arts, yoga, conscious breathing, self-defense, dance improv, conscious sexuality, gardening, forest bathing, conscious swimming, x-treme sports, and creative holistic thinking, ...


  • The Matrix-Q Training program is unique, as we are able to generate holistic data for each customer
  • After data analysis, we design a unique road map and sequence of activities for each customer


  • Please contact us for more information, demo sessions, trial sessions, information webinars, workshops, weekend training, boot camps, or study groups (Continuing training program)
  • We offer a program that matches your time availability, capacity (energy, focus), and budget


  • The programs are provide both online (Live workshops, training sessions), e-learning (with pre-recorded materials), or at the location Rhenen, in the Netherlands