The Sounds of Balance

9 min Harmonizing and Balancing Music: HAND PAN improv by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

All audio tracks include HandPan Sounds:

  • Positive emotions and mindset
  • Guided meditations: Body awareness, conscious breathing, and stress release.
  • Guided self-balancing exercises
  • Entertaining Storytelling

" The harmonizing sounds of the HandPan stimulate our brain to process, release, enjoy and be active at the same time. Enhancing focus, attention, and memory; as well as providing a deep stress release, with positive feelings and emotions. Cultivate a positive mindset with the Matrix-Q Sounds of Balance! " ~ LDMF


324 listeners joining a journey of balance

  • You are looking for direct and holistic paths to realize work-life balance and happiness
  • You love music
  • You feel ready to explore how sound creates balance in your life


  • To listen to music compositions dedicated to enhancing your quality of life
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  • To tell the story to the world: There are "Sounds of Balance"


  • Any, from any place around the world
  • Remote, you listen to live "Sounds of Balance" sessions or recorded files


  • You understand how work-life and family balance is important for your private life, professional path, or entrepreneurial activities
  • You appreciate sound, music, poetry
  • You have or would like to have more connection with your body and emotions
  • You can invest 9 min per day or 27 min per week or 81 min per month, to listen to our soundtracks (You decide the time you would like to invest, and we will suggest you a list of alternatives)
  • You enjoy taking time in nature


  • Eligible candidates will join a program free of charge (additional conditions apply)
  • The listeners will stay in the program for up to 729 days free of charge if they commit to the conditions requested: to listen to the soundtracks, attend a minimum of live events, and share the experience with the author
  • Listeners may also contribute by sharing the story


  • To experience the holistic empowerment of "The Sounds of Balance" is the main benefit of your investment of time, the outcome: work-life balance, happiness, and connection with yourself, stress release
  • The affiliate program (optional) gives you the possibility to earn also at least 1.350,00 EUR, or up to 1.350,00 EUR/month
  • " The Sounds of Balance " has been gamified. For your attendance, sharing experiences, or sharing your story with the world, you receive points, rewards, tickets to events, workshops, and gift cards for up to 4.500,00 EUR


  • You are welcome to join an 81 days trial program
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  • We will ask you to enter some primary data about yourself, for research purposes only
  • In the forms to share your insights with the author, we will ask you a few additional questions to help us design a sound that matches our audience process.
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