Would you like to become a holistic coach?

With our accelerated learning methodology, you complete certificates and start within 3 months

12+ Module-Certificates System

  • We combine theory, praxis, and service
  • You will have access to time-sensitive opportunities to contribute to society, as a holistic coach, mentor, or workshop facilitator
  • We invite you to collaborate with coaching projects and international online programs 
  • You get experience as an intern and assistant
  • We also provide foundation training in marketing, communication, sales, and strategic management for self-employed,
  • Licenses for entrepreneurs 



Online, or Outdoors

We introduce you to our methodology and knowledge through experience

At the end of the workshop we answer your questions about the school program certificates and opportunities

40 min - 3 hrs Workshops

With Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Sponsorship Program


Online, or Outdoors

If you feel ready for a peace-work adventure, and would like to use handpan sounds to create peace and wellness, quality of life, around you, in your city, online, or anywhere in the world you want to travel.

The Sponsorship Program may give cover a % or in full your education and a HandPan (musical Instrument)

Contact us for more details

The Matrix-Q Methodology

I teach the Matrix-Q Method to Coaches, Trainers, Facilitators, Consultants, Mentors, Leaders, Investors & EntrepreneursThe Matrix-Q Specialist CertificateHolistic gamified data-driven methodology for accelerated learning

  • Modules are assigned to the students according to their experience, capacity and outcome of challenges
  • Knowledge, skills and commitment are currency.
  • For the completion of modules, subscribers receive points, rewards and vouchers (prizes and gifts).
  • CHALLENGE-MODULES: of diverse nature, focus on developing the capacity of application of knowledge acquired. Challenges may be based on games, simulations, missions, tasks, projects, or activities and services for real customers.
  • TECHNIQUE-MODULES: Each module focus on a unique method, tool, system, technique.We provide a complete set of tools developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute. We Also upgrade available methodologies in the market with the Matrix-Q Method.
  • WORKOUT-MODULES: Practice, practice, practice!
  • KNOWLEDGE-MODULES: Multidisciplinary. We apply the knowledge acquired to specific disciplines, and cases. We also create a multidisciplinary approach for the holistic process delivered to our customers. The knowledge modules will focus on specific fields or disciplines. According to the focus point of our students
    • Business, leadership, education, family, love relationships, sexuality education, travel, vocational and professional development, personal growth, personal development, holistic knowledge, lifestyle, work life balance, parenting, innovation, team building, creativity, thinking, communication, wealth ability, marketing, sales, negotiations, purpose, skills set, gamification, systems, resilience, co-creativity, co-living co-working space, self-sufficiency, learning, languages and cultures of the world, exploration and survival, prevention, hands-on energy work, knowledge of nature inspired ancient cultures and civilization, quantum holistic entrepreneurship, multidisciplinary performing arts, martial arts, yoga, self-defense, sword and bow, conscious breathing, prediction, emotional intelligence, data-driven analysis, heart-based knowledge, and other fields of work.
  • CERTIFICATION MODULES: Internship program designed for the 4 levels of certification: apprentice, trainer, master and great master. Include projects, missions, challenges, tasks, programs, research, and services, all of them provided to real customers. We utilize the Matrix-Q Akademia Belts System

Matrix-Q Knowledge is not conceptual, its application requires continuous practice and development of skills, and the capacity to apply and create outcomes with it, that is how a Matrix-Q Rank is earned (Matrix-Q Specialist Certification).

Therefore Matrix-Q Knowledge can not be acquired by reading information. The only path to acquiring Matrix-Q Knowledge is the path of action and the generation of outcomes with it.

Matrix-Q Knowledge includes all the intellectual property created by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, & Matrix-Q Innovators (License holders)It includes innovative: Tools, methodology, techniques, systems, models, algorithms, skills, data, technology, innovations, research, frameworks, products, and services.

The Matrix-Q Knowledge is based on the study of nature-inspired technology, knowledge, philosophy, social systems, and human personal growth systems of ancient cultures and civilizations, modern science (Life science, pure science, social science, cognitive and behavior science, modern technology, and innovation)

The founder of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, Innovator, Researcher, and Explorer, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, continued research, since 1993, is the origin of the Matrix-Q Knowledge

Coaching-Training Sessions

  • Coaching Sessions


    • We provide coaching programs of 3, 6, 9, 12, or more sessions (With a Matrix-Q Coach, supervised by Luis)
      • The standard sessions time is 20 min, 40 min or 60 min
    • Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken also provides 1/2 day. full day, the whole weekend, or 9 days of immersive coaching sessions


    • Fees may vary depending on the experience level (Matrix-Q Coach), content (knowledge), and program intensity.
    • The coachee is requested to suggest a payment modality.
    • In some cases our customers do volunteer work in a positive causes program, to earn points and receive vouchers for coaching and training sessions


    • In the languages you prefer: English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Dutch, and others


    • A coaching program always starts with 3 or more assessment sessions. We map your challenges with a holistic data-driven assessment tool. We set milestones, priorities, and goals. If necessary, we will also schedule complimentary training sessions to facilitate skills, knowledge, and commitment.
    • The Matrix-Q Coach may suggest you follow up with an e-workshop, or challenge: Purpose-quest, Conscious Breathing, Forest-Bathing, Vocational exploration, Communication, Leadership program, self-knowledge-quest, and others


    • Along with the coaching sessions, the (road map) process of achievement of milestones planned will be supported by the coach
    • According to the case, the Matrix-Q Specialist (coach) will utilize specific tools, methods, techniques, games, challenges, missions, tasks, projects, workouts, brain GYM, or workshops, to facilitate content, experiences, knowledge, skills, and commitment capacity building in the coachee
    • The foundation of the coaching program is to develop the capacity for self-management, self-coaching, and self-sufficiency in the coachee (If necessary shift later into a mentorship program).
    • The coachees will learn how to use self-coaching tools and methods
    • The coaching program is data-driven and gamified. From time to time data analysis reports are shared with the coachee.


    • A coaching program may slowly convert into a mentorship program
    • Mentorship offers broad support, following up the holistic development of the mentoree
    • Sparring sessions, challenges, conversations, collaborative thinking, storytelling, and analysis, are common activities


    • Schedule a coaching program intake