# 5 Mindset Shifts that occur when you adopt a traveler mindset

By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, founder Matrix-Q Travelers Club

For those who have been living abroad and traveling, whether as an ex-pat, a digital nomad, a purpose-driven volunteer, or a travel-preneur, the five mindset shifts I'm about to share will resonate deeply. But don't worry if you haven't had the chance to embark on such adventures just yet. This article brings great news for you too! Even if you haven't experienced the joys of traveling or living abroad as a lifestyle, these mindset shifts can still have a profound impact on your life. So, let's dive in and explore the transformative power of adopting a traveler mindset!

## 1. From stagnation = stability to change = movement

In the face of challenging circumstances, where external forces beyond your control are constantly shifting, it's important to recognize that you cannot control everything. Instead of being controlled by these changes, embrace a mindset that sees change as an opportunity for growth and progress. By making change your own and continuously moving forward, you can overcome feelings of instability, vulnerability, and lack of control.

## 2. From habits = daily life to curiosity = learning

Take a moment to reflect on your current life. How much of it is shaped by repetitive activities in familiar settings? Embracing the traveler mindset means letting go of the comfort of routine and embracing the excitement of curiosity. Expand your horizons by seeking out new knowledge, exploring different cultures, and embracing the unknown. By trading habits for curiosity, you open yourself up to a world of learning and evolution.

## 3. From friends and community to travel-friends and travel-community

As you embark on a life of living abroad and traveling, you come to realize that time is a precious gift. The people you meet along your journey may come and go, and you may never cross paths with them again. This realization instills in you a deep appreciation for every individual you encounter and the communities you become a part of. Instead of taking relationships and social circles for granted, you cherish every moment and embrace the kindness, appreciation, care, love, and attention that strangers, both fellow travelers and locals, extend to you.

## 4. From "I will do it tomorrow" to "I am acting now"

Embrace the power of taking action in the present moment. Instead of postponing your dreams and aspirations, take action today. Embrace the mindset of a traveler who seizes the present moment and creates a life filled with purpose, growth, and fulfillment. By prioritizing what truly matters and aligning your actions with your vision, you can create a life that is rich in meaning and joy.

## 5. From "I follow the plan" to "I follow the plan" with a traveler mindset

The plan itself becomes a pathway to abundance, a catalyst for transformation that unfolds for you, enabling you to grow and evolve. By adopting a traveler mindset, you understand that the plan is not set in stone but rather a flexible guide that can be adapted and molded to fit your unique journey. Embrace change as an opportunity for growth and wealth. Follow the plan, not with rigidity, but with a sense of openness and adaptability. Allow the unfolding of your journey to reveal the treasures that await you.

When you adopt a traveler mindset, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities. Embrace change, curiosity, and gratitude for the experiences life brings you. Join our community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and travelers, or become a founding member of our Purpose Quest program, to fully immerse yourself in the traveler mindset. Share your travel and mindset shift story with us and inspire others on their transformative journeys. Together, let's unlock our fullest potential and create a future filled with purpose and joy.

When it comes to adopting a traveler mindset, it's important to note that even if you have never been abroad traveling or if you do not have the possibility to do so at this moment, there are still ways to cultivate these mindset shifts. One powerful method is the 1 Square Meter method. This approach allows you to experience the transformative power of the traveler mindset right from the comfort of your own space. By dedicating just 20 minutes per day and utilizing a mere 1 square meter of your surroundings, you can embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and exploration. The 1 Square Meter method enables you to embrace change, curiosity, gratitude, and action, regardless of your physical location. So, whether you're traveling the world or rooted in one place, the traveler mindset is within your reach. Embrace the possibilities and embark on your own transformative journey today.

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