Parenting School

Parenting School


  • We are living in a fast-paced world, in which professional development, personal growth, lifestyle, career, and business takes most of our time.
  • Pragmatic activities and priorities in daily life leave very little space for quality family time 
  • To go deeper in our relationship with our children, we find few moments, in which bonding and connection happen, and those moments are precious


  • You could transfer to your child some of the wisdom, experience, skills, or knowledge you have acquired 
  • How many times have you tried to suggest or bring a skill to your child, you know would change his/her future, create opportunities or make his/her life more easy


  • You are a parent
  • Is your child 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27 years old, or older?
  • The special moment, the conversation, the quality of connection, and the receptivity can be built.


  • Our goal is to provide support, coaching, skills training, methodology, and peers, to parents that would like to increase the number of bonding moments with their children and share with them some relevant skills, knowledge, wisdom, and insights.
  • Individual and group coaching for parents is combined with 20 min training sessions, projects, challenges, and meetups. 
  • The program is tailor-made. We look at your unique experience, time, skills, needs, and capacity. We support you improve your boding and knowledge transfer to your child, by listening to his/her uniqueness.


  1. Attend the information interactive webinar. We will share with you more details and some of our experiences. Answer all your questions.
  2.  Registration in a tailor-made program. You choose the time you want to invest
  3. Introduction workshop. Offered in diverse modalities: 40 min, 3x40 min, 6x40min, 9x40 min
  4. Tailor-made program, goals, milestones, projects, challenges, coaching, schedule
  5. We work based on free-schedule, parents choose and adjust the time and dates, and they are able to invest in the program.
  6. The coaching training sessions are 20 min/per unit, parents can schedule 1 or more units monthly/weekly/daily
  7. We utilize a cloud platform to communicate, each parent receives access to a unique and private communication space with the coach-trainer.
  8. Sessions are organized remotely, and online; or via phone calls.
  9. If a circle of parents would like to attend a workshop, events are also organized outdoors, indoors in Rhenen
  10. We also provide "Ready to use" guides with games, challenges, activities, conversations, to enable an easier start of a bonding/connecting moment.


  • JT is a parent with children of 3, 12, and 17 years old. JT has two jobs and a new love partner. Sometimes JT finds it challenging to share and transfer the experience acquired over the years. With the feeling that children listen but have not yet the experience to give value to the information, or skills. JT wishes her children would listen. JT joined our workshop and implemented 10 min gamified boding sessions, outdoor activities, listening, and creativity sessions. JT used the methods we thought. These methods provide accelerated learning and actionable communication. JT has been learning also new skills, that help make time, focus, and easier connection with the children. JT did attend the program, with just 20 min per week. Within 3 months, she has successfully created more than 3 meaningful bonding connections and knowledge skills and wisdom transfer to their children. The program has helped JT to understand better the opportunities as a parent, use easy methods, and grow together coordinating a process with the children. Life feels today more connected. And even time management has improved, also the quality of time moments, everyone at home is looking forward to them. JT has attended the Positive MindSet Activation sessions with HandPan and learned how to use sound to enable bonding time moments.


  • Register to attend the next workshop, or interactive webinar, or schedule time with us for Q&A
  • Write us a message, start a conversation via WhatsApp chat at +31626673380