HandPan sounds for animals

HandPan Sounds for Horses

Matrix-Q Studio Exploration - HandPan Sound for horses

At the island of Terschelling the Netherlands, I met a coach that works with horses, and her friend who owns an arts. Spontaneously I suggested to explore the horses reaction to the handpan sound, aiming to test if their experience will be give the same signals as for humans.

I was playing the handpan in the rain, for about 40 min, and their reaction was wonderful, soft, quiet, made them feel curious and to explore themselves what the handpan sound was about.I have footage and images of many of those moments. Once I entered the field, they got closer and approached me to interact several times.

I think it is a great opportunity to explore how sound improves the quality of life of both humans and nature. For example these horses works in the island with tourists along the high season, can we reduce their stress with handpan sounds and with Matrix-Q Sound sequences, we are preparing new explorations and more technical research project on this question.

For people that love horses, and animals in general, I think these are great news.