3.6.9 Fold Circle: Male, Female, Children, Family & Community

3.6.9 Fold Circle

RED: Women Circle

WHITE: Men Circle

BLUE: Children Circle

ORANGE/GOLD: Conscious Conception Circle

PINK: Parenting Circle

PURPLE: Family Circle

GREEN: Resilient Community Circle 

BLACK: Extended Family Tree Circle

GOLD: Spiritual Family Circle

The 9 colors aim to represent an inclusive and diverse society.

Each Circle is designed to support the participants in their personal, individual and collective journey.


  • We are living in a fast-paced world, in which professional development, personal growth, lifestyle, career, and business takes most of our time.
  • Pragmatic activities and priorities in daily life leave very little space for quality family time 
  • To go deeper in our relationship with our selves, own gender identity, role in our relationships, child wish, conception, parenting, extended family and community; we need to create space and time to learn about ourselves, listen to our hearts, to our own body, intuition, explore and unleash our potential, evolve as individuals, explore with an out-of-the-box mindset our relationship habits and limiting beliefs, find triggers and limitations legacy of our family or culture, to upgrade them, to finally commit to transition together our civilization, society, giving a positive impulse to the next 9+ generations, and evolving as a human species.
  • We need time to mirror ourselves, reflect, share our story, listen to each other, be by ourselves, and then come back together as love partners, parents, lovers, family, extended family, and community.


  • We utilize nature principles, systems, rhythms, cycles, laws
  • We utilize hormone shifts and cycles for both men, women, love partners, family and community synchronizations
  • We utilize sound, tones, vibration, body-awareness, movements, consciousness, and positive emotions, to enable experiences of self-knowledge that impulse our personal growth
  • Innovative methodology for Listening, no violent communication, conscious breathing, co-creativity, conscious conception, consent, will be facilitated.
  • We utilize a holistic accelerated gamified learning methodology, tools, methods, techniques
  • We also utilize holistic data-driven methods, to follow up process, identify patterns and confirm our intuitions, perceptions, believes, and conclusions with data analysis.
  • Self management methods, as for example time management, collaboration, work-life balance, quality of life, quality of time, health prevention, resilience, multigenerational collaboration and harmony, systemic family tree healing and sourcing, purpose quest, identity and role exploration methods.
  • We explore our individual and collective hero journey with primordial archetypes, and learn how to navigate change, loss and transition.
  • We build resilient and supportive communities 
  • We do not utilize channeling, or substances, perception enhancers or dopping of any kind for our work 


  • You could listen to other people, experiencing challenges with their role in relationships, parenting, conception, family or community.
  • What if by participating in a self-care, support circle, designed to listen and learn together, you would be able to notice, perceive, that is not only you, but the whole community, culture, and human species that is in transition.
  • The 3/6/9 Fold Circle source from the human collective intelligence some of the wisdom, experience, skills, or knowledge you have not yet acquired, but that you need and seek, consciously or subconsciously 
  • How many times have you tried to suggest or bring a change, to your self, love partners, children, family or community, you know would change future outcomes, create opportunities or make his/her life more easy. But some times you had doubts. What IF is not only you. What IF you have also blind spots and you could learn from each other to have a more complete and holistic perception through experiencing collective intelligence.


  • You are single, in a relationship, parent or aspiring parent.
  • You can bring your children to the blue circle, they will learn by playing
  • If your are searching or met your spiritual family, you may also join together, create your own golden circle


  • At any location one or more circles can be built.
  • Maybe at some locations only male or only female circles would be built
  • Probably the members that are active in the parenting school may create together a blue circle for their children.


  • Subscribers decide the circle(s) they prefer to attend
  • If a family attends, men may participate in the white circle, women in the red circle, and children in the blue circle
  • The extended family circle is internal, we utilize systemic family methods to facilitate the communication experience. Maybe some members of your extended family would like to join your black circle
  • For those aiming to have children, the orange circle facilitates conscious conception program and support group.
  • Once the blue, red and white circles have completed a process, the pink parenting circle can be activated, or the purpose family circle can be activated.
  • If the attendees are also members of a community, or network, and more than one family joins the program, then the green circle, dedicated to resilient communities and self-sufficiency can be activated
  • If attendees have already met or seeking for their spiritual family, and can enable time, space and commitment together, a golden circle may be activated. 


  • Our goal is to provide support, coaching, skills training, methodology, and peers, to individuals that would like to explore their role in relationships, gender identity, and co-creativity, by attending a support circle.
  • Individual and group coaching is combined with 20 min training sessions, projects, challenges, and meetups. 
  • The program is tailor-made. We look at your unique experience, time, skills, needs, and capacity. We support you improve your capacity to co-create, nurture and cultivate a positive mindset, develop exciting, fulfilling relationships, and feel more at easy with your life experience and role in your relationships


  1. Subscribe to attend to the meet-ups at your location or online
  2. Attend the information interactive webinar. We will share with you more details and some of our experiences. Answer all your questions.
  3. Registration in a tailor-made program. You choose the time you want to invest
  4. Introduction workshop. Offered in diverse modalities: 40 min, 3x40 min, 6x40min, 9x40 min
  5. Tailor-made program, goals, milestones, projects, challenges, coaching, schedule
  6. We work based on free-schedule, attendees choose and adjust the time and dates, and they are able to invest in the program.
  7. The coaching training sessions are 20 min/per unit, subscribers can schedule 1 or more units monthly/weekly/daily
  8. We utilize a cloud platform to communicate, each attendee receives access to a unique and private communication space with the coach-trainer.
  9. Sessions are organized remotely, and online; or via phone calls.
  10. If a circle would like to attend a workshop, events are also organized outdoors, indoors in Rhene, North Netherlands or Terschelling Island, also in the Netherlands.
  11. We also provide "Ready to use" guides with games, challenges, activities, conversations, to enable an easier start of a bonding/connecting moment.


  • Register to attend the next workshop, or interactive webinar, or schedule time with us for Q&A
  • Write us a message, start a conversation via WhatsApp chat at +31626673380