Peace Project with HandPan Sounds

Are you a peace-advocate?

Do you dare to live in this world peacefully?

Join the 12K HandPan Players Program

  • You enjoy listening to HandPan Sounds, as it brings you to a positive and peacful mindset,  and you want to commit to promoting its use in daily life, business and education, as our Ambassador
  • You are a HandPan player and would like to learn the Matrix-Q Methodology, to produce music tracks, performances, games, coaching-training and Peace-Events
  • You would like to learn to play the HandPan and would like to dedicate yourself to creating peace, harmony and a positive mindset around you

If you are a match for any of the three profiles above, you are at the right page.

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The 12K HandPan's

A Peace Project by the Matrix-Q Studio

Play the HandPan for Peace

Join the ONLINE Matrix-Q Akademia of Sound

Apply to the Sponsorship Program (HandPan included)

Sponsored by the Matrix-Q Fund, The Netherlands

Schedule Q&A Session

Live HandPan Sessions

We utilize the Matrix-Q Algorithmic Method of sound, geometry & color, by playing the HandPan, to create a Global Civilization of Peace, with brain (GYM) performance enhancement, self-regeneration, mental health, emotional balance, & body awareness.

“Mathematics, and frequency, are the universal language of peace” ~ LDMF

" The power of regeneration is in your own body, emotions, mindset, feelings & movement. With self-love, joy, gratitude, appreciation & care " ~LDMF

We want 12K HandPan Players in 576 locations worldwide, playing for health, happiness, and joy daily for 6561 days, co-creating a frequency of peace to advance human collective consciousness

Listen, then dance

Sound, then sense

Move, then sound

Sense, then listen

Change your future, Upgrade your present with HandPan Sounds