Matrix-Q Sound Studio Projects


Multidisciplinary Innovation

Human Consciousness

Human Inclusive

Continuous research and exploration with Matrix-Q Sound Knowledge enable the creation of innovative smart applications, algorithms, and technological solutions, applications for human health (prevention), quality of life, mental health, education (learning), and work-life balance.

We utilize the Matrix-Q Methodology for brain performance enhancement and human self-regeneration is based on the use of Matrix-Q Sound, geometry, sensory-awareness, nature, and colors.

Matrix-Q Human Inclusive Technology requires human participation: human consciousness, emotions, and body awareness, in order to elevate the experience and outcome of utilizing the Matrix-Q Sound Technology, with human connection, human competencies, and human capacity to bond with nature's systems, that can not be replaced by technology.


Dare to create a world in peace, utilizing Matrix-Q Sounds


We are scaling wellness, health prevention & leisure with the Matrix-Q Sound App


A path of personal self-transformation, personal growth, assisted by a holistic coach and trainer.


We contribute to the development of an advanced civilization, by facilitating accelerated human enhancement, with a holistic data-driven methodology. Our innovative tools, skills and training will optimize your personal life, profession, and business. Generating more time and freedom for the choices you want. We provide a program to develop human competencies that can not be displaced by A.I.


With this research project, we are exploring human individual and collective intelligence. We utilize multidisciplinary performing arts, artificial intelligence for data-driven analysts, and human competencies that A.i. can not displace. Would you like to join us, please contact us for more details.

Parenting School

We are living in a fast-paced world, in which professional development, personal growth, lifestyle, career, and business takes most of our time.
Pragmatic activities and priorities in daily life leave very little space for quality family time
To go deeper in our relationship with our children, we find few moments, in which bonding and connection happen, and those moments are precious

You could transfer to your child some of the wisdom, experience, skills, or knowledge you have acquired. How many times have you tried to suggest or bring a skill to your child?  you know it would change his/her future, create opportunities or make his/her life easier.

Healing Sounds for Horses

We are exploring on the benefits of Matrix-Q Sounds, HandPan Sounds, and Matrix-Q Tones sequences for horses, plants and land. WOuld you like to join the program? We utilize a multidisciplinary approach (Matrix-Q Method)

Enhancing Learning Skills for Children

Matrix-Q Sounds Brain Reppaterning Program, provides a unique brain performance enhancement outcome. I am developing a program for both teachers and students, to utilize Matrix-Q Sound Sequences, to enable more attention span, focus, deep thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence, empathy, communication, connection, collaboration. We combine the sound sequences, sound bathing, with activities for which emotional intelligence, body-awareness, consciousness, body-movement are complementary elements of the program