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Wageningen Schedule

September 17th 

Remote e-Workshop

With invitation only


With invitation only

Wageningen Schedule

Saturday 19th August 13:00  Wrap a gift of SOUND, tea, chocolate, plants, and reading

Wageningen Schedule

We will have a conversation about music, join us!

Matrix-Q Pop-up Akademia NL

Summer-Fall 2023

Are you living in the Netherlands?

As this summer-fall I will be touring visiting some cities. Would you like to schedule a visit to your location? Please contact me (WhatsApp +31626673380) to schedule a brief call.

I will host meet-ups, workshops, study circles, conversations, and presentations.

Would you like to volunteer, coordinate an event at your location, become an affiliate, ambassador, please contact me.

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Or schedule a leisure-immersive session outdoors in Terschelling Island or ONLINE

A brief invitation

Maybe this year I will be finally start communicating in Dutch, would you like to help, and also assist in the events as interpreter? Let me know

Live Events Program

Live Events Program

Attend live HandPan Improv Sessions

with Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Researcher, Explorer, Innovator, Artist

Founder Matrix-Q Research Institute & Matrix-Q Ecosystem

Luis enjoys sharing the HandPan sounds with youth, children, and entrepreneurs

Live Performances

From 20 min to 40 min live HandPan Improv

At Schools, Companies, and Events

Luis' Story

Luis has been researching nature-inspired mathematics of ancient cultures and civilizations, for more than 27 years. Fascinated by music, dance, and geometry, he discovered a system of generation of tones and geometric positions of the body, that produces a therapeutical effect, brain stimulation, and emotional self-awareness.

The HandPan that Luis uses has 9 Tones and 1 Bas Tone, and 6 of these special frequencies were used in antiquity. He uses the HandPan in his workshops to explore improvisation in dances, sound, human voice, poetry, and storytelling. Luis also offers Sound-Bathing experiences combined with deep relaxation and conscious breathing. Like a sound massage.

Today his workshops are offered to youth and entrepreneurs that like to develop skills like adaptation, accelerated learning, creativity, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and empathy, indirectly through the practice of performing arts. For which the use of the HandPan offers a great advantage.

" The HandPan is a valuable tool to enable work-life balance, mental health, and creativity. If used at home, business office, and at schools." ~ LDMF

The first HandPan was created in Switzerland in 2000. Inspired by traditional percussion instruments of the east, and west. Making the instrument is a handicraft, it is difficult and it takes a lot of time. Each instrument is unique. Different materials and techniques are used, each with its own effect on sound and quality.

The basic form of a handpan consists of two metal half-shells glued together, a center tone field surrounded by a circle of at least seven to 9 tone fields on the upper side, and an opening in the bottom side center, which allows the generation of the bass note through Helmholtz resonance. It is an idiophone type of musical instrument. As it creates sound primarily by the vibration of the instrument itself, without the use of airflow (as with aerophones), strings (chordophones), membranes (membranophones), or electricity (electrophones).

The HandPan due to its resonance waves can be used for different purposes: leisure and intuitive playing, concerts, improvisation with dance, storytelling, and poetry, but also for enhancing fine motoric and coordination skills, brain hemispheres synch of children and adults.

It can be used in both schools, companies, and at home, due to its therapeutical, stress release, and brain stimulation effect. For example sound bathing, and body awareness for patients with mental health, mild cognitive impairment, or body awareness issues. It can contribute to good sleep, because the resonance waves of high and low tones combined with overtones, stimulate the brain, produces deep relaxation, and enables self-awareness and contact with human emotions. It is fun to play in groups, creating a collective resonance effect.

Luis schedules and provides live performances under request

Positive MindSet Activation 

Live at the Grebbeberg Forest in Rhenen

Positive MindSet Activation with Matrix-Q HandPan Sounds

25th June

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Plays the HandPan at the forest of Rhenen

To inspire relaxation, joy and activation of a positive mindset

More Live Events

with Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

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