Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, guides a meditative conscious breathing practice (Matrix-Q Breathe Method, Primordial Breathe) integrated to handpan (Matrix-Q Sound)

Remember to sense, feel & breathe, to be alive!

In a nutshell

Cultivate a stable, positive, and adaptive mindset
Process faster and effectively the daily experiences and challenges
Cope and respond to the challenges that daily life reality brings to you
Self-regenerate faster
Release stress. Sleep better
Increase your daily buffer capacity


The first breath of life continued rhythmically until this moment but somehow we often forget how this simple action has so much power over us.

Matrix-Q approach to breathing is unique as it is custom-made, it measures your needs, and blindspots so it helps you to recover THE DAILY NECESSARY BALANCE; and to enhance daily THE BUFFER THAT HELPS US PROCESS EXPERIENCES that may be UNCOMFORTABLE, UNEXPECTED, OR UNCONTROLLABLE

In a natural way, it connects you to your heart and helps you release emotional stress.

A natural state of calmness and clarity: an asset for you every time you need to face challenging circumstances and at the same time make strategic choices, improved abilities to resolve conflict, innovate, cope, respond and react to the given circumstances.

It alleviates stress, shocks, and trauma. Cultivates and enhances a creative and healthy mindset.

The clarity in your heart, body, and mind is the foundation for a happy journey in life!

The outcome of your time management, communication, strategy, and decisions are influenced by your daily breathing