Matrix-Q Sound


We research, create & produce experiences with sound, geometry, color, emotions, and body-awareness

  • Our products are dedicated to enhancing harmony, regeneration, and balance with sound
  • We provide energizing, vitalizing, and joyful experiences with sound.


Online Subscriptions to audio tracks, workshops, and e-workshops combined create in just 09 MIN a regenerating experience, to enjoy at work, at home, or while traveling.

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

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Live Performance, Workshops

Regeneration Sessions

Luis provides his art live, in the Netherlands.

  • Performing with the HandPan, live experiential interactive concerts.
  • Workshops combining Hhandpan sounds, body, and emotional awareness
  • Private sessions are dedicated to boosting balance, deep relaxation, and guided self-regeneration.


Subscriptions (Listen now)

Recorded in a professional audio studio, in the Netherlands.

  • Music Albums, with digital audio tracks, HandPan Improv by Luis
  • Guided meditations: balance, regeneration, body awareness, to cultivate positive emotions and mindset with HandPan
  • Entertaining storytelling with HandPan


Matrix-Q Research Institute

Matrix-Q Studio productions are created with Matrix-Q Sounds Knowledge, our founder's (Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken) research on nature-inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations, the mathematics of sounds, and codes of nature.

In his research, Luis discovered a fractal and quantum tool to generate 100s of frequencies, (binaural) tones, geometric patterns, and experiences with the human body, that are used today to design and create the Matrix-Q Studio Products.



Since 1993, Luis utilizes multidisciplinary performing arts to inspire, create, and facilitate content in workshops and training programs.

In his words: "Multidisciplinary performing arts provides a new field of exploration and learning. We utilize the indirect method, in which the performer acquires self-knowledge and self-awareness through the practice of the art".

Our students, develop the ability to inspire, empower, and create a transformational impact in their audience's life, thanks to the impactful ability to tell stories, developed by utilizing the Matrix-Q Method


Multidisciplinary Innovation 

Human Consciousness

Human Inclusive 

Continuous research and exploration with Matrix-Q Sound Knowledge enable the creation of innovative smart applications, algorithms, and technological solutions, applications for human health (prevention), quality of life, mental health, education (learning), and work-life balance.

The Matrix-Q Methodology for brain performance enhancement and human self-regeneration is based on the use of Matrix-Q Sound, geometry, and colors. 

Matrix-Q Human Inclusive Technology requires human participation: human consciousness, emotions, and body awareness, in order to elevate the experience and outcome of utilizing the Matrix-Q Sound Technology, with human connection, human competencies, and human capacity to bond with nature' systems, that can not be replaced by technology.